Lucky Lady’s Charm slot review
Hi welcome to savvy gamblers Channel today, it's Lucky Lady's Charm slots. It looks luck review as I wish they point out and they slot reviews. You can see here at the bottom, with my five hundred credits, it's free play cash. The reason for these reviews are due to the severe gamblers website, where... Read More
Top 15 strategy games like Age of Empires
Hello and welcome to games like Age of Empires. Let’s start with Age of Mythology Ensemble Studios, who created Age of Empires decided to make a spin-off series based on mythological beliefs. So here game takes place in a lost land of Atlantis and focuses on the famous Greek, Egyptian and Norse myths and legends.... Read More
Barcelona – Things to Do
Welcome to Barcelona. We'Re really excited to be here and especially to check out some of Gaudi's, most famous architecture, > > RYAN, And also go to the Barcelona football stadium. Ride around on scooters maybe go to the beach. This is gon na be a great time and it's time to go. > >... Read More
Working with NCAA
[embed][/embed] Do you have a position with regards to federal legislation? - We do, in fact, our senior executives recently have had some meetings with the Justice Department around a federal framework, we think that's the most effective way to address this, as opposed to having 50 different state laws regarding sports wagering, so we're... Read More
Legalized Sports Gambling
You know who we are, you know our brand, and you know our regulator. And so, if FanDuel does something that you feel wrongs you, you have an avenue to raise it, and I trust that Director Rebuck will let us know about it. That doesn't exist if you're operating in the black market. -... Read More
WE ARE THE WORST KIND OF PEOPLE | Cards Against Humanity
Hello everybody, My name is Markiplier and Welcome to Cards Against Humanity. You guys asked for it after we did that stupid Millionaire game by Rooster Teeth. Fuck those guys. I hate 'em. They deserve to die. Tyler: Yeah, let's redo that intro. Mark: I may have gone too far. Love those guys! Those Rooster... Read More
MLB 2018: Win Totals Picks
The 2018 Major League Baseball season is right around the corner and bettors from Toronto all the way to Tokyo are gearing up for another season of baseball betting action. With win totals available to wager on, I've done my homework, and have a few bets on my radar. Here's my favorite MLB win total... Read More
How To Play Video Poker
To me, online video poker is basically the perfect casino game. To win, you need both luck, like in slots, and skill, like in poker. But, unlike in Texas Hold’em, you don’t have to be a strategy expert to score some dolla dolla bills yo. In other words, the game is as easy as slots... Read More
Modern Technologies in Bingo Game
As with the change in technology, choices of our favorite games have also been changed in these recent days. The bingo at the bingo room and the online bingo are both competing with one another in terms of the popularity and it has captured the eye of many players. Starting from the best odds to... Read More