Alaska-Based Activities in Summer

The glorious Alaskan summer is short but intense. Enjoy 24-hour daylight well into August. The hiking is fine, with gravel beach stretching for miles along the lakeshore from the lodge, or take to the woods to learn about and enjoy this unique ecosystem. Paddle and motor the canoes and boats on the lake and connecting streams. Photograph wildlife. Fish. We even water-ski on hot days.

All activities are fully guided with groups of 2-4, at no additional cost. However, you may wish to hike unaccompanied the trails near the lodge, along the lakeshore and through the birch woods. Find more information about travel destinations and adventures at Eleventy Traveller Blog.

Wildlife and Birding

The moose cows with their calves graze the ponds and meadows. Bears and their cubs are prowling the woods. We’ll watch for the red fox, beaver, otter, lynx and mink along the river, and spot the tracks of wolves on the sand bars.

Hundreds of trumpeter swans and thousands of ducks that breed here are on their nests, as are the bald eagles and great gray owls. Other migratory birds and some we might see at any time:Canada and white fronted geese, terns, golden eagles, horned, and other owls, shore birds and numerous smaller woods dwellers. All are wild and wary.


Travel by riverboat or canoe around Lake Minchumina, stopping often to walk the woods and marshes. Get acquainted with the Alaskan flora and fauna. Our guides love to help stalk the animals for great photos or just for the enjoyment of observation.

Explore the community 

The area includes historic White’s Roadhouse, one of many stops along the dogsled mail trail from Fairbanks to the Iditarod goldfields and beyond. Lake Minchumina is unique among bush communities in that the twenty year-round residents are entirely self-supporting. Here, our neighbors watch out for one another.

Evenings at the Lodge

Chat with friends and neighbors about our unique subsistence lifestyle or long-distance sled dog travel and racing. Watch a slide show about Alaskan gold mining, a Mt. McKinley climb, Alaskan geology, or explore our library of videos and books.