How To Play Video Poker

To me, online video poker is basically the perfect casino game. To win, you need both luck, like in slots, and skill, like in poker. But, unlike in Texas Hold’em, you don’t have to be a strategy expert to score some dolla dolla bills yo. In other words, the game is as easy as slots but you have just enough control over winning to keep it tres tres interessant. Video poker screens are divided into three main sections: the payout table, which shows the payout of each hand; the card section, which shows the 5-card hand you’ve been dealt; and the dashboard at the bottom, which is where YOUR LIFE IS DECIDED.

Just joshin’ you bro, it’s where you choose to deal, draw, bet, collect or exit the game. Still pretty important. But no worries, cuz playing is easy as fall pumpkin pie! To start, select the value of each credit, then place your bet. Click “deal” to get your 5-card hand. Not happy with what you’ve got? Now’s your chance to exchange some of your cards. Just click on the cards you wanna keep and click “draw” to get dealt new cards. Happy with your original hand? Then hold tight, buddy – and maybe cross your fingers for some extra kismet. Lady luck determines the cards you’re dealt, but it’s up to you to learn and apply basic strategy – so that you hold tight on to the right cards and get rid of the wrong ones. Feel free to scoff at those bad cards. Makes things personal – and fun! Some games offer an additional, progressive jackpot. You need to bet the maximum to potentially trigger this payout. Other games offer bonus rounds. Extra chances to boost my winnings?