Legalized Sports Gambling

You know who we are, you know our brand, and you know our regulator. And so, if FanDuel does something that you feel wrongs you, you have an avenue to raise it, and I trust that Director Rebuck will let us know about it. That doesn’t exist if you’re operating in the black market. – Derek, as you’ve listened to this, all this talk about money here and there, and match fixing, do you have confidence now that you can probably bet on college sports at casinos, racetracks, online, are you particularly worried since you deal with the first A is PASPA, amateur? – It is a significant concern in the NCAA and after the court ruled in Murphy, our president appointed an internal task force within our office to really do a top-to-bottom review of sports wagering issues and the impact on the NCAA and collegiate athletics. There was some discussion about whether there were opportunities for member institutions at casino online Canada, the NCAA conferences to monetize it so there’s no support in our membership for that, at this point, I think the areas they’re really focused on are we need to make sure we continue to do efforts to educate our student athletes, we do a lot of education with them now, they have an annual certification, they have to attest that they have not participated in any form of sports wagering, but they are a young and often times vulnerable population and so we have to continue to educate because even though it’s legal, they still can’t participate in it as as student athlete.

I can’t participate in it, anyone else in America can, but they cannot. I think the things that concern us, not just about the ability to wage, but confidential information, information they have access to about their teammates. My alma mater, the University of Alabama, there’s a lot of interest in whether our quarterback will play this weekend and whether he will play going forward, his ability to play impacts the betting line dramatically. So that’s another issue we’re looking at, we’ve engaged with a vendor to assist us in integrity services so that we will receive very timely and accurate information if there is significant or suspicious or unusual activity in the betting lines on our games. They were gonna look at all the sports, but quite honestly, our biggest concern, men’s basketball and football. Those are the areas that I think would prevent the greatest challenges. We look at our officiating, unlike the professional sports leagues, those officials are employees of the National Basketball Association, the NHL, the NFL, and so forth. Ours are independent contractors, so they don’t work for the NCAA or our conferences necessarily, but they are independent contractors and engage with their services. So we already do extensive background investigations, those will be enhanced in many respects. The last area is really looking at what we call information and data management, injury reports, as I alluded to just briefly, we have challenges in that area because they are students, and student records, as you all know, are governed by FERPA. So when you talk about whether a player will play and the status of his injury, or a student athlete, what information can you divulge without violating FERPA?

Those are some of the challenges that we’re dealing with now, the internal working group is working on and trying to come to some resolution. The last area, as you all may know, we’ve had a prohibition for years with regard to any of our national championships being played in states that allow sports wagering, and so that has been suspended because of a decision because essentially now you would take virtually every state that hosts a national championship off the table, so that policy has been suspended and it will allow our host committees to entertain bids for the Division One Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four to be located in those areas, so those are some of the key issues that we are dealing with now, that are really priorities for the association going forward.