Lucky Lady’s Charm slot review

Hi welcome to savvy gamblers Channel today, it’s Lucky Lady’s Charm slots. It looks luck review as I wish they point out and they slot reviews. You can see here at the bottom, with my five hundred credits, it’s free play cash. The reason for these reviews are due to the severe gamblers website, where there’s a review on there of certain slots.

This is one of them and adding a video review of that adds the content to that website. So that’s the reason behind these I know they’re not going to appeal to everybody. Perhaps some people, perhaps nobody, but I just thought I’d, explain that reason when people may say I’m using play money etc. So have a quick look at this slot.

One of my all-time favorites this for a spell this was all I’d ever play, certainly the Novomatic, but especially Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe. I still do play it now, but not quite as much as loads of other decent slots now looky. Ladies for me is a fantastic game, so enjoy it, and if I go to a casino or play it, it’s a great game, a lot. The time I played it before, I don’t even play on 40 pence or 40 cents, depending on where the casino was and the amount of times hit the Globes in the feature.

Five and it would pay six hundred quid on a forty pence steak is yeah, is really good times. Good memories have this slot. You can change the pay lines as well. What you do see on quite a lot of the novum attics, where you can change him.

His people will play five lines and it just gives the wins. You get a bigger win, but obviously you only get half the lines. It’S just the same as playing a two-pound steak really, but you play a pound with half the lines. You also see.

Quite a few people opt for that more on baccarat people tend to do that, but let’s get some spins going. Nice of a quick look could be hearty beyond this 95.1 three or something yet 95.1. Three: let’s get some spins going time, so you’re hoping to get three of these Globes a minimum I’ll give you the free spins feature no extra spins for gave him four or five. You just go big and cash around lady there. She any wind, she’s bar table, she’ll double get achieved. These premium symbols probably humbled as well, depending on where you played this slot some of them.

Let you gamble some. Don’T things an option on this one to send off just gets the cards. You have all the spins idleness have never ever ever had five.

Ladies, never four no end of times, but never get the five it’s on a mat. One should collect that. Save me. Credits would have been a bit collects. A lot earlier on prop should have collected those credits, just in case it decides.

It wants to take forever to feature. They are known the Nova Matic slots for going a lot of spins without giving the feature, and they stood out to me on more than one occasion. Hopefully, that’s not gon na happen now, because I’ve just done a video review of magic mirror which took ages to notice. So, let’s see where this one’s not the same, I always do safer for all slots really, but especially these ones where they can take some lots of bonus and nice.

You know you should just give yourself a set amount of spins. Don’T certainly don’t chase a feature and if you gambling responsibly, then you want to make sure that you’ve got your limits in place it to any PC. You know you player, so you can’t go over over. You set them out for your entertainment time. So it’s very very important that you do that because you can get sucked in by slots like this way.

You just think of surely the features gon na come now. Surely, in three four hundred spins down the line, it’s not in three at four hundred quid down the line. That’S nothing! So you know absolutely under the videos, and I will keep saying it as well. I’M sorry if it bores people, if I ever do get any subscribers and followers on this channel, get your limits in place right.

I’M gon na pause. This and I’ll bring you back when the free spins is in we’re on 483. Let’S see how far this goes down, she’ll be back and the features in three gloves have landed so like that. So you get 15 free, spins all winds at times three. If the lady makes up part of that win, then the winds also multiplied by a further two.

So you can see that if you hit a full line of the one of the premium cymbals the Lady Bird, for example, with a lady – then this is an absolutely massive win. So we’ll kick these spins! These free spins off I had like, I said, played this slot so many times you can get loads of free spins and get a really good run on the reach riggers other times you don’t see anything at all.

So if the say this one goes hopefully for the purpose of a review, its will throw red sugar in which probably means it won’t didn’t actually played to, but in the base game to get the feature. So the balance. This reason the Bulls gave a few 25x wins. Lady lady, throwing one wave in hand we gosee ladybirds for Lila King’s Own with that pay, 3750 mm-hmm, pushing it alongusually if you’re gon na go retrigger. You, though, they’re about quite a bit these globes floor just goes to show they can do anything Carlos Lots. You rather never dream there, even though all the times I play this, it would ever give a reach rigor, so nice, 60 X 4, all those plus 15.

More games say in the past of Utz hundreds of phrase bins on this. Some real massive features on a much smaller stake on 40 pence watch, the bottom: that’s the feature 163 X so far, step on your spins faces, jokes, so they’ve gone completely disappeared. The Globes again, that’s why I didn’t think that retriever had ever come, usually as a rule, they are about getting to quite a bit.

I’M gon na get retrievers completely vanished. Againit’S a wayblocker sends us 23 for East 219 X. Now mr steady feature this full of you, ladies charm, I’ll spinso over so 225 X or pretty decent future back-to-back features. So if you wan na have a few spins on this, he head to the description immediately. Now it’s a savvy gamblers website, where you can play this for free, there’s some naval Matic casinos there with offers and stuff if they want to try it for real money.

You must bins on this will finish off see if it’s just fancies general warning. But yes is a great slot, the old school, and they were massive stocks. If you go to the casinos you’ll still see plenty of these a pair of still very, very popular, especially in Europe as well. We going through it Lumpy’s Casino in Europe, but never seen so many lucky. Ladies charms in one place, was incredible that Dolphy’s pearl kilos, which is just a clone of this slop, so yep they’ll, be reviewed. Surely you’re the naval Mattox / they’ll bleep the links there as well on the savvy gamblers web site.

You can find them on there and over matic tab spin on them for free as well, but yep you’ve enjoyed the video. Give me a subscribe and greater get a few subscribers, but thank you very much if you made this far, and I shall be back soon thanks for watching