Nine Day Mushing Expeditions

Denali West Lodge will lead three dog mushing expeditions to the very base of the most massive mountain on earth in March, 2003. Accompanied by professional guides, each expedition member will drive his or her own team of 4 to 8 spirited Iditarod sled dogs on wilderness trails through Denali National Park and Preserve.

Our primary mission is to teach our guests to have a safe, fun, comfortable trip. We supply dog sleds, tents, stoves, food, pads, seats, etc. We provide a detailed list or recommended personal gear, and we have some winter clothing to loan. Call us with your size to see if we can fit you.

We’ll stay in cozy walled tents heated by wood burning stoves and eat delicious homemade gourmet meals (no freeze dried). Our guides do the camp chores, but our guest mushers have told us they enjoyed learning winter camping skills and sharing the chores as well as dog care and feeding.

Our dogs
These dogs pull you and your gear up and down hills, over frozen lakes and streams, in all kinds of weather, cheerfully and without complaint. All they ask is a full belly at night, a bed of straw, friendly petting and a few kind words. They are the best trail companions in the world!

This is Alaska’s wilderness at its best. Stunning mountain scenery, light shows courtesy of the Aurora Borealis, operas by 60 happy huskies with guest vocalizations by Canis lupis, the wild Alaskan wolf. Our highest camp on the expeditions, at the toe of the Straightaway Glacier is within 7 miles of Denali’s Wickersham Wall, the steepest and highest piece of unbroken terrain on the planet. The scenery on these expeditions is absolutely spectacular!

Expedition dates:
March 3 to 11 Expedition
March 13 to 21 Expedition
March 24 to April 1 Expedition