Alaska-Based Activities in Summer
The glorious Alaskan summer is short but intense. Enjoy 24-hour daylight well into August. The hiking is fine, with gravel beach stretching for miles along the lakeshore from the lodge, or take to the woods to learn about and enjoy this unique ecosystem. Paddle and motor the canoes and boats on the lake and connecting... Read More
Summer Adventures in Alaska
Enter the habitat of wolves and bears, moose, caribou, small fur bearers and large winged raptors. Fish rivers and streams rarely visited. Denali West Lodge is located at Lake Minchumina, just outside the western border of Denali National Park and 100 miles from the nearest road. We take only 10 guests at a time, which... Read More
Traveling Map
To make the most of your travel to / from Denali West Lodge use any combination of the following options. Flights are on Monday and Friday mornings. Option 1: Transportation to the lodge is a scheduled flight from Fairbanks, departing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. One way from Fairbanks a) Depart Denali West Lodge... Read More
Alaska Winter Vacation Tips
"Come Haw?" It may be Greek to you, but those lead dogs know what it means, and they'll be happy to teach you a thing or two about driving a dog team. We've successfully taught hundreds of novice mushers, ranging in age from 14 to 78. This is an exciting, active vacation with friendly dogs.... Read More
Nine Day Mushing Expeditions
Denali West Lodge will lead three dog mushing expeditions to the very base of the most massive mountain on earth in March, 2003. Accompanied by professional guides, each expedition member will drive his or her own team of 4 to 8 spirited Iditarod sled dogs on wilderness trails through Denali National Park and Preserve. Accommodations:... Read More
Six Day Dog Sledding Vacation
On our six day lodge-based mushing trips, we'll take daily scenic runs along historic trapline, mail and gold mining trails. We'll stop often for photo opportunities and to read animal tracks in the snow. We'll have a campfire lunch and return to the lodge in the evening for a hot sauna and a hearty dinner.... Read More