Traveling Map

To make the most of your travel to / from Denali West Lodge use any combination of the following options. Flights are on Monday and Friday mornings.

Option 1:
Transportation to the lodge is a scheduled flight from Fairbanks, departing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

One way from Fairbanks
a) Depart Denali West Lodge on a flight to Kantishna and ride the park shuttle 5 hours to the park entrance.
Cost one way Denali West Lodge to Kantishna, 4 passengers by arrangement.
Denali National Park Bus permit costs $16 each.

b) Fly to or from Denali West Lodge to the Park entrance. When leaving the lodge we schedule flights to land at the park entrance in time to catch the train to either Anchorage or Fairbanks.
Park entrance to or from Denali West Lodge, 4 passengers by arrangement.

Option 3:
Flights to/from Anchorage are in chartered twin engine aircraft scheduled most Mondays and Fridays in the summertime or with 4 passenger minimum other times.